The Grapevine September 2023


Our September issue contains an interesting account of the outcome of discussions as to how we can move forward with mission and outreach, including suggestions from our youngest participant, aged five.   We catch up with family news both sad and happy and we are reminded that the Harvest Service – when we will be supporting the Walton & Hersham Foodbank – will take place on Sunday 8 October, with a Church Parade for the uniformed organisations.   There is a piece about the new Moderator of the URC General Assembly for 2023-2024, Dr Tessa Henry-Robinson.  There is a light-hearted piece ‘Words to Ponder’ and we can enjoy the Communion Table flowers that have been provided over the past two months.  We can also catch up with Art Peace in Zimbabwe, whose story continues to hold our attention as the pendulum swings between high as they receive our donations and low when they suffer terrible hardship on a daily basis due to maltreatment from the Government or problems with illness.  In spite of it all, they continue to turn out some great carvings even though they are currently running out of stone that has to be brought back from the mines 100 kms away in the mountains.  There is more.   Please read and enjoy!

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