Hall & Room Booking

We have a number of different rooms which can be hired and which can, and do, host all sorts of things, so let us tell you a bit about what’s available.  To book a space call 07340 335 117 or email roomhire@standrewsurc.org.

All rooms are available from 9.00am to 11.00pm, other than the Hall which is not available at the following times:

Saturday 9.00am to 4.00pm
Sunday 9.00am to 1.00pm

We do have availability throughout the rest of the week.  Availability is subject to existing reservations.

Chairs and tables are provided as and when needed.
There is a stage in the Church Hall.
The kitchen is fully equipped with a fridge freezer, microwave, heating cupboard, 2 ovens and hobs, dishwasher, hot water boiler, cutlery, crockery, saucepans, trays, jugs, teapots, serving dishes and there is an opening hatch for serving into the Church Hall.
There are toilets on ground level equipped with baby changing facilities if needed.

A room set up service is not offered so please allow time within the booking to set up the room to your requirements and put it back as you found it.

Alcohol can be served (not sold) on the premises.
Should you wish to sell alcohol on the premises you will need to apply for a license.

Parking and outside facilities
There is ample off street parking for at least 25 cars, with parking also available on side roads.

There is a beautiful garden which can be enjoyed from both the Hersham Room and the Garden Room. The outside garden space can be hired by request.

All rooms are accessible other than The Bill Topping Room which is upstairs. Contact us to discuss any specific accessibility needs so we can ensure your event runs smoothly and we book the right room for you and your guests.

Main Hall

On the ground floor, this is generally accessed through the main hall entrance.  It is a large space, slightly larger than a badminton court, with an open stage area at one end.  It comfortably seats 100 (40 for keep fit activities).  There is a serving hatch through to the main kitchen which is extremely useful.  On one side the hall looks out over the enclosed garden, to which it also has direct access.  Toilets, including accessible toilets, are close by.

To book a space call 07340 335 117 or email roomhire@standrewsurc.org

Bill Topping Room

This is on the first floor and since we do not have a lift it should be noted that it is not suitable for people with mobility issues.   If that’s not an issue then Bill Topping Room is a very pleasant, interestingly shaped room, partly lit by roof lights.  It seats about 30, (12 for keep fit style activities) and has a small tea & coffee making area within it, complete with sink and running water.  This is a popular room and the nearest toilet is at the bottom of the stairs, with more being available in the main block, through the hall, providing the hall is not in use by another group.

To book a space call 07340 335 117 or email roomhire@standrewsurc.org

Garden Room

Situated just inside the main entrance, the Garden Room seats about 12 in conference style and 15 in auditorium style – 10 for keep fit style activities.  This room probably works best in a more informal way.  As the name implies it looks out over the garden but does not have direct access to it.   It is easily accessed by people with disabilities and there is a small toilet almost opposite but it should be noted this is not suitable for people in wheelchairs.  There is a wheelchair accessible toilet in the main block, through the church hall but if the hall is in use this is not possible.  If this is likely to be a problem then you’re better booking the Hersham Room.  The Garden Room’s a cosy room though, with a lovely outlook and relaxed ambience.

To book a space call 07340 335 117 or email roomhire@standrewsurc.org

Hersham Room

On the ground floor, this room comfortably seats up to 15 in conference style and about 25 in auditorium style.  It looks out over our attractive, enclosed garden to which glass doors give direct access.  The room is easily accessible for people with disabilities and the main toilets are opposite.  The main kitchen is reasonably close by.  It is a very pleasant, bright meeting room.

To book a space call 07340 335 117 or email roomhire@standrewsurc.org


To book a space call 07340 335 117 or email roomhire@standrewsurc.org.