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Do you struggle with Loneliness?

Are you seeking Peace?

Looking for a friendly place to Worship?

Come and visit us at
St Andrews URC
Walton Upon Thames

Rev Michael HogdsonAre you lonely?  Are you seeking peace?  Do you feel an outsider?
Or are you already a Christian and want to find a friendly place to worship or to reconnect with your faith?

Come to St Andrew’s.

We invite all, regardless of creed, ethnicity, sexual orientation or socio-economic group to help us help each other to grow in Hope, Peace, Love and Understanding.

We are a community of people of different ages, drawn from a number of different places, trying to follow Jesus as best we can.

We meet weekly for a service of worship and we try to give help and support to each other.

Some of us may have a few grey hairs- some of us may have a few more years than others- but our minds and our hearts are open and our welcome is sincere.  Come along!  We might just surprise you.

Join us and together let us be a force for Good for ourselves, our families, our workplaces, our communities and our country!


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are not meeting physically at the moment. But we’re meeting online every week still, on Zoom! Please contact Michael (michaelgwenidog@gmail.com) for login details.

Communion takes place 4 times a year and you’ll find those dates in our calendar.

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