The Grapevine November 2023

November – the month of Remembrance.  Our cover photograph, courtesy of The Royal British Legion, evokes the sentiment to perfection with red poppies for remembrance and one white poppy that signifies a commitment to peace.  There is a double page spread ‘A Time for Remembrance’ with a moving personal recollection by our Associate Editor of  two very special minutes at the Menin Gate, Ypres.  We are delighted to welcome Elizabeth Scharinger as our new Administrator and also a new Wessex Synod Moderator.  We learn about the origins of Stir Up Sunday, the last Sunday of the Church Year, in our regular Prayer Corner item.  Our Harvest Service was enlivened by the presence of the uniformed organisations who read from Genesis Chapter 1:  the Story of Creation – Order from Chaos.  This was aptly illustrated in his address by the minister, who had brought his ironing board and iron into the church and then proceeded to work his way through a basket of crumpled, newly-washed clothes as he spoke, ending up with a neat pile of ironing ready to take home and put away!  ArtPeace continue to lift our spirits as an example to us all, as they keep turning out lovely sculptures in times of great adversity.

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