Christmas is upon us and the New Year is ahead, hopefully one that will bring, above all,  peace to our troubled world.

Our Christmas double issue gives details of our many seasonal events and there are Christmas greetings from the congregation displayed on two Christmas trees, decorated with baubles.  There is an item on our Service of Remembrance and a short feature on the church garden where we can look forward to a show of colourful bulbs come spring.  There is news of a new artist with ArtPeace, Panashe, whose work has already been exhibited in Holland and Germany, and we anticipate being able to enjoy some of his work locally in the near future.  We are encouraged to save stamps which can be donated to Save the Children Fund.  The local MENCAP Christmas Fair was a resounding success and raised a record amount,  to the delight of all involved.  There is a piece on the local Food Bank which, although in what many consider to be  a relatively affluent area, is still much in demand and we are encouraged to contribute as we are able (including dog and cat food!).  Our new Facebook and Instagram pages are up and running and already proving popular as they encourage outreach in different ways.  Do have a look at them.  We wish you happiness at Christmas and all the very best for 2024.

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