Weekly Intercessions, Worship Note, and Some Help Needed

Notes, Prayers, and Help

Dear Friends,

I am sorry I am late sending out this reminder; I was in London and then had a rather complex journey home arriving after midnight on Wednesday.

I have prepared this week’s worship notes where I explore the Jonah story and the call of the first disciples in St Mark.  Using George and Ira Gershwin’s It Ain’t Necessarily So as a jumping off point I look at the power of story and how those, in Jonah, who were supposed to know God’s will rebelled against it whilst those who weren’t supposed to know responded and repented!  I offers a range of prayers, an all age activity, a selection of hymns, and a Communion rite all exploring ideas of call, infidelity and obedience.

This week’s sample intercessions were written by the Revd Camilla Veitch and are available on the same page as the Worship Notes in a link on the text just above the Worship Notes box.  You can find both here.

Much of the work behind the scenes in the digital resources we provide happens due to the hard work and dedication of volunteers – from the volunteer writers of Daily Devotions and in some behind the scenes roles too.  We have five dedicated people who, each month, take the Daily Devotions and load them onto the bulk email programme we use.  I’d love to have another three or four people to add to this team – this would mean that each month each person would only need to load up three or four devotions – hopefully less.  It’s a fiddly but fairly simple job and doesn’t take too much time.  I’d also like someone who might be able to spare an hour a month to load up the songs we’ve used in the services, and which are under copyright control, to the OneLicence form to report our usage.  This is a more straightforward job – taking the list of songs with their reference numbers and simply tapping into the online form so that writers get their payment.  

If you think you might have the time for either of these roles please do let me know.  

With every good wish


The Rev’d Andy Braunston
Minister for Digital Worship

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