URC Daily Devotion 28th March 2021

28th March 2021

Palm Sunday  Psalm 37 

Commit your way to God the Lord
your cause will shine as bright as fire;
delight to do God’s holy word
and you shall find what you desire.

2. Be still before the Lord and wait,
and do not fret when wrong succeeds;
refrain from anger, turn from hate,
for God will punish evil deeds.

3. Salvation comes from God alone
the faithful know their help is sure;
to heaven all our needs are known,
and in God’s strength we are secure.

4. Commit your way to God the Lord,
to peace and truth and grace aspire:
then mercy shall be your reward,
God’s promises your heart’s desire.

After Psalm 37, Michael Perry (1942 – 1996)

© Mrs B Perry/Jubilate Hymns

You can hear the tune here



Psalm 37 and Palm Sunday both remind me of the path that we take in our walk with God. Jesus rode His path, not reluctantly but with courage, boldness and joy. He knew His Father’s will and he submitted to what would be an indescribably brutal death, yet He did it willingly, with calmness and stillness, knowing why He was doing it. 

The words of Psalm 37 take us down a path with stepping stones for us to follow. The first foot rests on trust (v3)  where we lean on, rely on and have confidence in the Lord, that He will lead us to safety. The second stone is delight (v4), or to be soft and tender. We delight in God, to walk His path, just as Jesus did riding into Jerusalem. To delight is not a forced or hyperactive emotion; it is a gentle, thoughtful, spiritual response to knowing God’s presence. God is the delight of our lives and we are in turn the delight of His. 

The next step we take is to commit our way to the Lord (v5). Commitment leads us to so much; it opens up a new freedom, instead of restrictions and restraint. To commit means to roll over our burdens on the Lord and the psalmist asks us to commit everything we do to the Lord, which gives Him the right to direct us and help us to succeed. The final stepping stone along our path encourages us to be still (v7). Maybe it’s where we stop to gaze at the view, to wonder at the beauty around, to listen, to absorb God’s greatness and goodness. Jesus knew about stillness and rest. His life radiated calm and the gentleness of His Father. It is impossible to be still in body, mind and heart and to carry anger, hate and worry. I don’t think we can follow the path God has for us without trust, delight, commitment and stillness. Palm Sunday is a day full of emotion, so let’s step onto God’s way this week, journeying towards the joy of Easter. 


Lord, Your Word stands true, no matter which path we take. 
Your Word and Your presence are everything I need.
You sustain me and keep me, helping me in all I do. 
I trust You to guide me.
I delight in Your ways.
I commit my life to You today.
I am still with You. 



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