The Grapevine November 2022

This month of Remembrance we are grateful, as always, to The Royal British Legion for providing a stunning photograph of poppies for our front cover.  We look forward to our Service of Remembrance.    Our minister writes about the 50th Anniversary of the formation of the United Reformed Church.  We were delighted to welcome James Zhang into the Eldership of our church on 2 October (delayed by just over two years due to Covid).   Our Harvest Service on 9 October was, as always a joyous occasion, with the Parade of 4th Weybridge Scout group – the first time at the St Andrew’s site –  and the presentation of the Kings Colour.   There is an item about the MECAP Sensory Garden at Burview Hall which is bringing fun and joy to all those who go there and we remind you of the MENCAP Christmas Fair.   There is the regular article with news of our ArtPeace friends  and special mention of a Christmas Sale on their behalf at the church on 6 November, where you could solve a lot of your Christmas gift problems by buying some of their lovely sculptures while helping our needy friends, the artists.   You can find details of a soul-reviving walk in the Sussex countryside and keep up-to-date with our children through the account of their latest exploits in Messy Church.

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