Some More Recorders Needed

Could you Help?

Hi folks,

we have a small team of people who can, at reasonably short notice, record either a Daily Devotion or a part of a Sunday service.  We like to have a variety of voices, especially in the Services.

How it Works….

I send out an email asking people to volunteer to sign up for a piece to read and record which is on a Googledoc (like a Word document but shared on the internet).  People pop their name against one piece and then record it – usually on their phones – and email it in.  We suggest people find somewhere quiet to record, sit in a corner (it helps with echo) and speak as a steady pace.  

The Difference it Makes….

Many people prefer to listen to the Daily Devotions rather than read them – for those who are visually impaired this is a great blessing.  One of the reasons the Sunday services have been so well received is we’ve not only had ministers and worship leaders from all over the URC but we’ve used the voices of people from all over as well.  This helps us realise that we’re wider than our local church or Synod.

If you can help….

could you go to this link and sign up.  You just need to leave your email address, first and second name.  If you are already on this list you don’t need to sign up.  Please, however, only sign up if you have the time and inclination to record pieces.  Service pieces normally need to be recorded within a few days, Daily Devotions normally need to be recorded within two weeks.

with every good wish


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