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Prayers and Resources for Sunday

Prayers and Resources For Sunday

Dear Friends,

On Sunday the Rev’d Sue McCoan will be leading worship focused on the Baptism of Christ.  If you are leading worship – either planned or unexpectedly, you may find the Worship Notes here on the URC website useful.  These notes include, as always, sample intercessions.

Many churches will use Sunday to mark Epiphany – two days late of course – and these Worship Notes look at Epiphany and suggest you might like, as part of the All Age Activity to burn some frankincense and myrrh; we trust the congregation will bring the gold…

Finally, I have prepared these intercessions which might be useful for worship this Sunday, for personal use or for small groups or an Elders’ Meeting.  They focus on Epiphany and include a prayer the URC distributed last week to mark the death of the Pope Emeritus.  They are, as ever, a PDF file and this can be easily read on a range of computers.  By selecting, copying and pasting the text can be put into other documents as needed.

Tomorrow is Epiphany and marks the end of the Christmas season.  I wish you every good wish and this blessing based on the words of Howard Thurman:

Now, the song of the angels is stilled,
now, the star in the sky is gone,
now, the kings and princes are home,
now, the shepherds are back with their flock,
now, the work of Christmas begins:
to find the lost, to heal the broken, to feed the hungry, to release the prisoner,
to rebuild the nations, to bring peace among others, and to make music in the heart.
So go now and attend to the work of Christmas,
and the blessing of Almighty God,
Eternal Majesty, Incarnate Word, and Abiding Spirit
be with you all – now and always, Amen.


The Rev’d Andy Braunston
Minister for Digital Worship

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