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URC Daily Devotion Sunday 1st November 2020 – on November 1, 2020 at 6:00 am


URC Daily Devotion Sunday 1st November 2020

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Sunday 1st November Psalm 21

To Your unequaled strength, O LORD,
Your chosen ones aspire;
Bring to the just victory,
and grant their hearts’ desire.

2 The rulers of the LORD’s elect
wear crowns of finest gold;
Their lives, once empty,
now through faith
shall burst with wealth untold.

3 The ones who honour You as LORD,
to such honour come;
And those in whom goodwill abides
in You will find a home.

4 In wrath our enemies will fall,
Your arm puts them to flight;
We gain our blessings by Your grace,
and victory through Your might.

You can hear the tune suggested for this Psalm, Detroit, to a decent speed here

Psalm 21 is offering praise to God after battle and is a sequel to Psalm 20 which is a prayer before battle. Here, David is praising God for the blessings given to him as King. He has depended on God’s strength throughout and God had given David a release from the pressures and constraints that bound him.  Besides the joy of temporary deliverance from physical conditions, David also looks forward to ultimate spiritual salvation.  He tells of the good acts of God on his behalf: kingship (a crown of pure gold), victory, desire of his heart, long life (forever and ever through salvation), deliverance, honour and majesty, blessings, God’s presence and unfailing love.  David asserts that his enemies are also God’s enemies because they intend evil against God. 
The emphasis of Psalm 21 is that David’s crown and David’s wreath comes from the Lord.  The credit goes not to David but to the Lord. The Lord has saved him from the hands of the enemy. The Lord has given him the victor’s wreath and ruler’s crown.
Psalms 20 & 21 together also declare the fullness of the Gospel message. The Messiah Who suffers in Psalm 20 rejoices in Psalm 21.  Christ is risen and has ascended into great joy. At His right hand are eternal pleasures and He is filled with joy.  Heaven is a joyful place! The King of heaven is filled and overflowing with joy.
As I write this, it is early morning. The beginning of yet another day during lockdown.  Like you no doubt, I yearn for the time when my life can begin again on its familiar tracks and I can see my friends and family in their usual places.  I can worship my God in church together with my church family.  Will our hearts be filled and overflowing with joy?  I know mine will!
Crown us, O God, 
not with treasure of gold and silver 
but with humility.
Robe us with compassion, 
that, as you call us into the kingdom of your Son, 
we may strive to overcome all evil by the power of good
and so walk gently on the earth with you, our God, for ever.



Today’s writer

Ann Barton, Lay Leader and member at Whittlesford URC in the Eastern Synod


New Revised Standard Version Bible: Anglicized Edition, copyright © 1989, 1995 National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.

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