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URC Daily Devotion 5th May 2019

1 O come, let us joyfully sing to the LORD;
To the Rock of salvation let us raise our voice.
2 Let us come before him expressing our thanks;
Let us with loud singing praise him and rejoice.

3 The LORD is the great God, King over all gods.
4 The earth’s deepest places he holds in his hand;
The heights of the mountains belong to the LORD.
5 The oceans are his, and he formed the dry land.

6 Come, let us bow humbly and worship the LORD;
Let us kneel before him, our Maker, in prayer.
7 For we are his people and he is our God;
He shepherds and feeds us in his loving care.

Today if you hear and attend to his voice,
8 Don’t harden your hearts as you did on the way;
In Meribah’s desert you quarrelled with me,
You tested my patience at Massah that day.

9 Your fathers provoked me and tested me there,
Although they had witnessed the works I had done.
10 With that generation for forty long years
My deep indignation continued to burn.

I said, “They’re a people whose hearts go astray;
They do not acknowledge that my ways are best.”
11 And so, in my anger, I stated on oath,
“I swear that they never shall enter my rest.”

You can hear a Free Church of Scotland congregation sing this to the tune Walther here.

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