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The Letter to the Philippians

Dear <<First Name>>

The Letter to the Philippians & the New Template

I hope you found our reflections on the Book of Romans useful and that they helped you understand that Epistle better.   

I also hope you like the new template that is now being used consistently after a few trial runs.  We’re told it’s easier to read and we have put various links at the top of each email – the first two allow you to Follow the Daily Devotions on Facebook and Twitter – just click the link.  The third takes you to the Podcast – once you click this you are taken to the Devotions website where, on a computer, you will see the Podcast at the top, on phones or tablets it appears at the bottom.  

The next set of links allows you to share the Devotion on your own Facebook Feed, Twitter Account or to forward to a friend.  Remember, if you find these Devotions helpful then your friends may too!  

You can change your email address or switch between plain text or Devotions which look more like webpages by following the link at the bottom marked “update your mailing preferences”.  Finally you can unsubscribe by the final link at the bottom.  If you inadvertently unsubscribe you have to add yourself again via devotions.urc.org.uk

Finally, some details about our next series which takes us through the Letter to the Philippians.  This letter is generally assumed to have been written by the Apostle Paul at some point around 50 AD.  Scholars think – due to changes in tone and style – that it is made up of fragments from three other letters. It seems clear that Paul wrote it when in custody and many believe he wrote it from Rome.  Paul greets the church and remains cheerful despite his impending sentence of death. He reminds his readers they don’t need to be circumcised – ie to obey the Jewish Law – and urges them to sort out the, inevitable, problems in their fellowship. 

We hope that the collection of reflections we have will continue to inspire you in your own journey of discipleship.

with every good wish

Andy Braunston
Editor, Daily Devotions from the URC

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