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The recent BBQ was a great success and hugely enjoyed by all who came along (we didn't let a spot or two of rain put us off!). A fantastic effort from all concerned, particularly Shirley and Rene. Rene was clearly very much at home doing the cooking and his home-made burgers were just delicious. There was a marvellous selection of salads and Shirley’s fruit punch was an excellent way to wash it all down. Anyone who took home leftovers was delighted. 

Below is a message from Shirley and Rene........ 

Dear All,

Thank you very much for your compliments with regard to the barbeque. We are glad it went well, everyone had a good time, and you are all pleased with the outcome. 
Hopefully it will stimulate more interest in future social occasions, which we are well placed to support in any way we can. 

Thanks to Moira and Jan (salads, cheese board and 'doggy-boxes'great forward planning!!), Jean R (thanks, we will definitely plan to use the 'toys' / activities at a future event), and all the 'washer-uppers' who took on the clearing away with a vengeance; not to mention those who cleared away the tables and chairs and Johnson's skill with the wide broom! 

Special note of mention to Valéry who offered her help instantly from the start, arrived bright and early and whose skill shone through as she set out tables, dished up the salads and basically took over, allowing me to go and buy some shelter for Rene, as it became obvious that both he and the barbecue required shelter urgently!

Shirley and Rene.


Mountaineering Exhibition in ‘The Gateway’

Mark Pinnock - EVEREST summiteer
‘The Gateway’ at St Andrew’s Church in Walton-on-Thames hosted an exhibition of photographs, video’s and equipment from the World’s highest mountains on Saturday 19th of March. Mark Pinnock is one of only 3 people in the world to have summited the highest mountain on each of the seven continents at the first attempt. The exhibition took you through his journey across the globe from the mountains of Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Oceania and Antarctica. Each set of photos helped you visualize the challenges and terrain he took to each of the 7 summits. At 11am, 1pm and 3pm, Mark gave a talk about his journey and his motivations. During the presentation Mark showed a video of his journey to the top of Mount Everest including a 360 degree video from the summit which was unbelievable. The audience came from all over the local area including some school children who are studying the 7 summits at school and a Brownie who was handed the leaflet at a recent Brownie meeting. There were lots of questions asked, here are some snippets………
1)    What was the best and worst bit about your journey?
a.    The worst bit was leaving and the best bit was coming back down safely.
2)    Which mountain did you enjoy most?
a.    Vinson in Antartica because it was the most beautiful country in the world.
3)    How did you go to the toilet?
a.    In a bag!
4)    Were you ever scared?
a.    No.
5)    What was the coldest temperature you endured?
a.    Minus 67 in the Artartic on the way to the summit of Mount Vinson.
6)    Did you get frost bite and have you lost any parts of your body?
a.    No I was very lucky, I have all 10 fingers and 10 toes!
Everyone who attended also got the chance to see the sort of equipment Mark used and even got to try on a heavy rooksack!
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Photography and Artpeace exhibition

Check out the video below of a recent exhibition by Astrid McGechan LRPS where she displayed a selection of landscape photographs from Elmbridge and beyond. Plus a fantastic sale of Artpeace - Zimbabwe sale of sculptures by talented artists with all proceeds going directly to the Artpeace Cooperative.


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